Why I Love My Child Free Existence | Alternet #ChildFree #ChildLess #DINK

“For most of humanity’s history, there were serious economic and sociological reasons why people needed to have children. One hundred and fifty years ago, I probably would have needed to have children just so I wouldn’t starve to death or die of exposure, and so I recognize that it’s an immense privilege to elect to be child-free these days.

It’s a choice everyone should be able to make for themselves, and to do so with no risk of being seen as an irresponsible, immature, or unfulfilled.

In my chattier moments, after having been asked why I don’t want children, I’ve offered reasons like how expensive it is to raise children, what a time commitment it is, how I’m too selfish at this point to have kids, how I’m hesitant to risk passing on my genetic disposition for mental illness, and so on. These are cop-outs I’ve nervously given to people that I use to deflect further scrutiny. I’ve never really meant any of them.

I simply don’t want to have children. The truth should be sufficient.”

via Why I Love My Child Free Existence | Alternet.


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