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El Animal ‘Racional’

Los chicos no están bien (o por qué debemos repensar la masculinidad) | NYTimes.com EnEspañol

"Solía decir esta frase: “Si quieres emascular a uno de tus amigos, cuando estén en un restaurante, pregúntale qué va a comer y cuando llegue la mesera, ordena por él”. Es gracioso porque quitarle a un hombre su masculinidad no... Seguir leyendo →


Panpsychism: The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility — Quartz

"Consciousness permeates reality. Rather than being just a unique feature of human subjective experience, it’s the foundation of the universe, present in every particle and all physical matter. This sounds like easily-dismissible bunkum, but as traditional attempts to explain consciousness... Seguir leyendo →

Why willpower is overrated | Vox #selfcontrol #autocontrol #FelizMartes

"People with a lot of self-control — people who, when they happen upon a delicious food they don’t think they should eat, seemingly grin and bear the temptation until it passes — have it easy. But why? For a long... Seguir leyendo →

20+ Science Facts We Didn’t Know at The Start of 2017 | sciencealert.com

"1. The speed of gravity is pretty much identical to the speed of light! This year, for the first time ever, scientists were able to photograph a collision between two neutron stars. By conducting simultaneous optical and gravitational wave observations, they were able to... Seguir leyendo →

Los humanos éramos cuatro especies que se aparearon entre sí | abc.es

"Cuanto más se sabe sobre la cronología evolutiva del linaje humano, más se aparta la realidad del clásico dibujo que muestra una fila india de homínidos caminando mientras se yerguen y pierden el vello hasta llegar a un sapiens lampiño.... Seguir leyendo →

Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity that structures global variation in human social organization | pnas.org

"The scale and organization of human societies changed dramatically over the last 10,000 y: from small egalitarian groups integrated by face-to-face interactions to much larger societies with specialized governance, complex economies, and sophisticated information systems. This change is reflected materially... Seguir leyendo →

Why human society isn’t more—or less—violent than in the past | Science | AAAS

"Are people in big, modern societies more or less violent than our forebears? The answer is neither, according to a controversial new study: People who lived in small bands in the past had no more proclivity toward violence than we... Seguir leyendo →

How to Run the Economy on the Weather | lowtechmagazine.com #renewables #renovables #energiarenovable

"Before the Industrial Revolution, people adjusted their energy demand to a variable energy supply. Our global trade and transport system -- which relied on sail boats -- operated only when the wind blew, as did the mills that supplied our... Seguir leyendo →

Nueva impresora 3D biológica para producción masiva de tejidos humanos

"Investigadores chinos han desarrollado una impresora biológica 3D que permite la producción masiva de tejidos humanos como la piel, cartílagos e hígado." Source: Nueva impresora 3D biológica para producción masiva de tejidos humanos

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer | iainews #coffee #suicide

"When every day many of us wake up to read about fresh horrors on our fresh horrors device, we might find ourselves contemplating the question as to whether, as Albert Camus supposedly put it, one should kill oneself or have... Seguir leyendo →

Lucifer: Demystified – The Occult University Library

" "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12 presents a minor problem to mainstream Christianity. It becomes a much larger problem to Bible literalists. LUCIFER IS NOT SATAN! Lucifer makes its appearance in the fourteenth chapter of the Old Testament book of Isaiah, at... Seguir leyendo →

How Norway Proves Laissez-faire Economics Is Not Just Wrong, It’s Toxic. – Evonomics

"Life consists of units within units. In the biological world, we have genes, individuals, groups, species, and ecosystems – all nested within the biosphere. In the human world, we have genes, individuals, families, villages and cities, provinces, and nations –... Seguir leyendo →

The Human Brain Builds Structures in 11 Dimensions, Discover Scientists | Big Think

"The brain continues to surprise us with its magnificent complexity. Groundbreaking research that combines neuroscience with math tells us that our brain creates neural structures with up to 11 dimensions when it processes information. By "dimensions," they mean abstract mathematical spaces, not other... Seguir leyendo →

La sexta extinción masiva de animales de la Tierra ya ha comenzado | ElDiario.es

"El estudio afirma que en las últimas décadas se ha producido una “aniquilación bilógica” de la fauna. Eso significa que estamos ante la sexta extinción masiva en la historia de la Tierra y que es más grave de lo que... Seguir leyendo →

It Takes a Theory to Beat a Theory: The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis – Evonomics

"After 2008, the wisdom of financial advisers and academics alike seemed naive and inadequate. So many millions of people had faithfully invested in the efficient, rational market: what happened to it? And nowhere did the financial crisis wound one’s professional... Seguir leyendo →

Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue (OFFICIAL) – (Part 1/2) – YouTube

Oldest Fossils of Homo Sapiens Found in Morocco, Altering History of Our Species – The New York Times

Here’s why men die earlier than women – Business Insider

"Women experience higher stress, more chronic disease, more depression, more anxiety and are more likely to be victims of violence. Women earn less than men, and in many countries they don’t have the same human rights as men. Despite the... Seguir leyendo →

Why Ayn Rand Was Wrong about Altruism, Selfishness, Evolution, and Human Nature – Evonomics

"“Every political philosophy has to begin with a theory of human nature,” wrote Harvard evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin in his book Biology as Ideology. Thomas Hobbes, for example, believed that humans in a “state of nature,” or what today we... Seguir leyendo →

Por qué el matemático británico Marcus du Sautoy se apasionó con los enigmas en la obra del escritor argentino Jorge Luis Borges – BBC Mundo

""El universo (que otros llaman la Biblioteca) se compone de un número indefinido, y tal vez infinito, de galerías hexagonales…". En el cuento "La Biblioteca de Babel", el escritor argentino Jorge Luis Borges imagina un bibliotecario que investiga la forma... Seguir leyendo →

Elites Want More Competition for Everyone Except Themselves – Evonomics

"The spectacular economic rise of the top 1 percent is now common knowledge, thanks in large part to the work of Thomas Piketty and his collaborators. The top 1 percent of U.S. residents now earn 21 percent of total national... Seguir leyendo →

How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next | William Davies | Politics | The Guardian

"In theory, statistics should help settle arguments. They ought to provide stable reference points that everyone – no matter what their politics – can agree on. Yet in recent years, divergent levels of trust in statistics has become one of... Seguir leyendo →

Científicos asisten al nacimiento de una nueva tradición cultural entre chimpancés | Ciencia | EL PAÍS

"Imagine que fuera posible asistir al momento en que una parte de la humanidad decidió comer con tenedor mientras otro grupo optaba por usar los palillos. Si hubiera sido un punto y lugar concreto, podría parecerse a la situación que... Seguir leyendo →

Reddit Asks The Question: What is a Scientific Fact That You Know is True But Still Blows Your Mind

"Over the weekend, thousands of people around the world marched for science. As per the BBC: Thousands of scientists have taken part in demonstrations around the world in protest against what they see as a global political assault on facts.The... Seguir leyendo →

Stephen Cohen: This is Most Dangerous Moment in U.S.-Russian Relations Since Cuban Missile Crisis | Democracy Now!

"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has wrapped up a visit to Moscow, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The meetings come at a time of increased tension between Washington and Moscow. On... Seguir leyendo →

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